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Our goal with every attorney is to dominate the competition! We are Certified Google Partners and will continue to grow traffic and conversions even after we outrank the competition.

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We define a list of measurable goals with each online marketing campaign for our attorneys and evaluate the results with you monthly to optimize for additional growth.

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We stay one step ahead of the competition by continously testing, teaching, learning, and masterminding with other top online marketing professionals.

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Numbers don’t lie, which is why we use metrics to uncover your optimal digital strategy to significantly increase leads and conversions.

Law Firm Web Design

Law Firm Web Design

Create a professional, informative, mobile-friendly website optimized for organic search that attracts and converts visitors into high-paying clients.

SEO for Lawyers

SEO for Lawyers

Utilize our Google tested and trusted strategies to exponentially increase your organic rankings and traffic.

PPC/Digital Advertising

PPC/Digital Advertising

Reap the benefits of a targeted PPC campaign designed to garner the best ROI possible through meticulous data evaluation and our direct contact with Google as Certified Partners.

Digital PR for Attorneys

Digital PR for Attorneys

Attain Expert Status in your Niche! Our proven proprietary strategy will make your visitors, and Google, know exactly who the expert is.

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We’re around today because of data driven decisions, not smoke and mirrors

Your current online marketing isn’t working, and that is why you are here. You’ve achieved personal success, and have the reputation among your peers as an expert in your area of law. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t care about that reputation, which is evident by the number of leads you receive each month. You know there is more potential, but up until this point, you haven’t been able to find the right partner to help you attain your goals.

Remove The Guesswork and Allow Numbers To Influence Your Decision

Do you know what Pay Per Click keywords convert at the highest rate? What keywords convert best for Organic Traffic? Do you see a better conversion percentage with Adwords or organic traffic? Do you even know what your website’s conversion percentage is?

Most local SEO professionals won’t have answers to these questions. It is not something they utilize to influence future online strategies. When you use metrics to define your strategy, you create a predictable stream of revenue, and then that strategy can be continually optimized for better revenue in the future. If you aren’t measuring your online efforts, you cannot determine if it is working efficiently, and you can’t optimize for improvement.

Online marketing for attorneys is simple for us because we have passion for what we do. We spend our days and nights looking for opportunities to win online. The same can probably be said about you and your practice. If you are a successful DUI lawyer, then arguing drunk driving defense is likely something you are very comfortable with, and you feel extremely confident when you speak to a client or walk into a court of law.

You take the time to plan, strategize, and prepare for a court case, before you execute. The years of schooling and hours of preparation have prepared you to take on your cases and get the best possible results for your clients. The same process exists at Manic Metrics. We attend webinars, conferences, and mastermind groups. We speak with employees at Google and review their patents and press releases, so that we know what is coming next to insure our client’s success.

Why Hire Manic Metrics For Your Online Marketing?

You wouldn’t recommend someone representing themselves in a court law, and we don’t recommend doing SEO on your own. Partnering with Manic Metrics will allow you to dominate the competition utilizing data for continued improvement. Aligning with Manic Metrics means you have a team of highly qualified, skilled, knowledgable, and Manic professionals working to make you the most highly sought after attorney in your field. Fill out our Discovery Form and take your practice to the next level.

Like most people, when consumers of legal services need to find information fast, they will turn to Google. If you want to increase your online exposure and unlock the full potential of your law firm, you could greatly benefit from search engine optimization services. You cannot succeed in today’s online market if clients aren’t aware of your law firm. The only way they can be aware of you is by reaching the first page of principal search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By using quality SEO tactics specific to law firms, you can open up endless business opportunities and rise above your competitors. To get noticed by new clients and build the trust of your loyal customers, you should put your firm in a position that will allow it to connect with people who are searching for lawyers. In this article, we will share some of our best SEO for lawyers tips to use to your advantage and optimize your business.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a lawyer or a legal marketer. If you want to succeed in this endeavor, you have to understand how search engines work and what quality organic traffic can bring to your business. SEO marketing for lawyers requires coming up with a unique strategy and implementing quality tactics into the optimization process. To do this properly, you have to begin with research. Many lawyer and legal marketers simply ignore this crucial part. Quality research requires understanding the needs of your audience. Think about the goals and objectives of your law firm SEO efforts, as well as what audience you want to draw to your website. Think about what legal questions people would ask online and try answering them. Lastly, think about what would you like your visitors to do once they arrive on your page. After you have done this, try relating the services of your law firm with your competitors. Is there an area you succeed in better than others? Why should potential clients choose your law firm and not some other? The answer to these inquiries is of utmost importance for successful search engine optimization. By responding to these questions, you will precisely determine what you are going to talk about, share and link to it.
When it comes to SEO for lawyers, it is best to have an expert by your side who understands how the online market works and knows to identify the needs of your audience. Besides this, they must understand the unique roles and obligations of a lawyer in advertising as well as all the stakes on the line that can include jeopardizing the lawyer’s professional reputation. There isn’t an amount of traffic or a number of links that are worth damaging one’s professional reputation. Top SEO companies for lawyers can provide you On-page and Off-page optimization, technical SEO services, content marketing services, social media marketing services and much more. When it comes to SEO services for lawyers, you should choose a company that will set and explain their SEO goals in advance and discuss with you the role that social media plays in the optimization process.

Our approach to search engine optimization for attorneys is rather simple – we focus on growing organic traffic to your website and targeting a specific audience that will turn into new client relationships. We will not only meet but exceed, all your business goals. By increasing your visibility on the online market and creating a solid online identity, we can unlock the full potential of your law firm and not only optimize your website but also your entire business.

Once you have determined your approach of SEO advertising for lawyers, your firm’s website must be properly crawled and indexed by major search engines. If you have any technical problems on your site, fix them as soon as possible. You should especially take care of the site architecture and its internal linking structure, HTML meta tags, page titles, descriptions and headings, page content, XML sitemap and user experience. User experience refers to whether or not is your website mobile friendly and if it has a quality load speed. Everything we mentioned will significantly improve your on-page search engine ranking factors. Don’t underestimate the importance of technical SEO. All best SEO companies for lawyers are aware that technical SEO is required for the success of your law firm.
Once you have established a solid technical SEO foundation on your website, you can start advertising your law firm online. This process doesn’t only include creating pages with content people want to read, talk about, share, like and link to, but it also consists of complex and sophisticated marketing activities that will ensure your pages are promoted online to the right audience. To attract new visitors and potential clients to your website, you should implement the following off-page search engine optimization techniques in your strategy.

    • Develop assets that people would love to link to and get those assets available and visible to them.
    • Analyze the link building system and backlinks of your competition and see if any of their tactics can benefit your business.
    • Connect with your clients on a personal level and be active on social media.
    • Optimize all your relevant legal directory profiles
    • Besides natural link building, also pay attention to broken link building and PR-focused link building.

    Client Testimonials

    We understand that the fastest way to increase our customer base is to provide exceptional service to each and every attorney we work with. Here are just a few of the outstanding reviews Manic Metrics has recently received.

    Our rankings increased immediately after working with Manic Metrics, and they have remained consistent and strong. I have great confidence in their work and love that they are committed to only working with one attorney in each area.
    Thomas J, Maryland

    The communication and breakdown of data we receive each month has been outstanding. Prior to working with Manic Metrics, our website had very little exposure. We have significantly increased brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Highly Recommend!

    Brian V, Florida
    Our monthly meetings focusing on Google Analytics data has uncovered opportunities that increased both traffic and conversions. Last month alone, we saw a 41% increase in organic traffic creating the most traffic our website has ever had.
    Chris L, Florida

    Full names have not been provided to protect the anonymity of our clients.

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