The idea for Manic Metrics was launched in March 2012, but it took two years before the idea became reality. Since you clicked on the About Us, we should probably tell you About Us.

MManic Metrics is the culmination of many ideas, experiments, optimizations, trials, errors, celebrations, tears, hours, successes and failures. The idea began in 2012, when the parent company of Manic Metrics, Hit Me SEO, was struggling to keep clients at the top of the search engines by using one strategy – on page SEO. In the first few months of 2012, Google went nuts and started launching multiple algorithm changes at a rapid fire pace. Just when we thought we had something figured out, Google would launch another change, and we would be left scratching our heads and scrambling to figure out what to do next.

The good news was that we had about 80 clients at the time, and 80% of them were fine, and the changes meant very little to their rankings, or their bottom line. They were on cruise control and putting more of their advertising dollars into SEO and online marketing efforts. It was while we were helping the other 20% that we discovered that the world of SEO was never going to be the same. Our company had to either add some new services, or we, and our clients, were going to be left behind.

We started looking at ways to help our clients regain their steady stream of website traffic. The easiest way to do this was to utilize Pay Per Click advertising on Google. For years, we sold AGAINST pay per click, and explained to clients that SEO was the best way to reach clients, and it was the most affordable way to do so as well. We weren’t lying, but that was before Google began making all of their changes to keep the SEO companies on their toes. At this point Google had started making algorithm changes every other week, instead of once every four or five months. Each time something changed it was more work different alterations, making standard on-page SEO more expensive and less cost effective. So we started offering Pay per click management services to our clients, and we started doing really, really, well.

Our Skills

Law Firm Web Design 95%
SEO for Lawyers 100%
Pay Per Click / Digital Advertising 90%
Digital PR for Attorneys 85%
Wordpress 100%

We noticed that we were driving targeted traffic quickly. It wasn’t the same quality as organic, but it was immediate. We could launch an ad in the morning, and have the phone ringing for our clients by noon. We started to incorporate both Organic SEO and Pay per click for our clients, creating two reliable avenues of traffic for our clients. The goal with each of our clients was to start with a large pay per click budget and to slowly decrease it as the organic started to take off. With this tactic we avoided the standard “waiting” period of on-page SEO, but we also prevented our clients from paying Google for each visit and click. This small methodology alteration was the start of Manic Metrics, and where the idea to offer a complete suite of online marketing services was launched.

About Manic MetricsPay Per Click was just one of the available options. As we began providing new services, we began discovering HUGE OPPORTUNITIES.

We started to launch blogs and implement content regularly. We found that by publishing frequently, our clients started to gain relevance in their niche.

We started offering Google Places Optimization, Video Optimization, Content Marketing including Press Releases, Social Media Marketing, and Link Building. We were hitting the search engines from all different angles, and seeing amazing results. At this time, we realized, IT WAS ALL CONNECTED. Each of the areas were we focused our efforts provided a different piece to the puzzle. The only thing we were missing was the Metrics. Even though we were seeing a series of great results, we had to have a way to measure what was being most successful, and from that determine what deserved most of our time. Our decision to measure all of our results would make us different than every other company out. We dared to be different, and our clients are benefiting greatly.

Client Testimonials

We understand that the fastest way to increase our customer base is to provide exceptional service to each and every attorney we work with. Here are just a few of the outstanding reviews Manic Metrics has recently received.

Our rankings increased immediately after working with Manic Metrics, and they have remained consistent and strong. I have great confidence in their work and love that they are committed to only working with one attorney in each area.
Thomas J, Maryland
The communication and breakdown of data we receive each month has been outstanding. Prior to working with Manic Metrics, our website had very little exposure. We have significantly increased brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Highly Recommend!
Brian V, Florida
Our monthly meetings focusing on Google Analytics data has uncovered opportunities that increased both traffic and conversions. Last month alone, we saw a 41% increase in organic traffic creating the most traffic our website has ever had.
Chris L, Florida

Full names have not been provided to protect the anonymity of our clients.

Very simply, if you don’t measure something, how can you manage it. While introducing Pay per click to many of our clients, we started measuring Google analytics much closer, and determining which form of online marketing was working best. So in a word, we were using “metrics”. Pretty simple to us, probably a bit moronic to others.

So now that we had a name, we started looking at other ways to not only help improve our clients rankings, leads, sales, and bottom line, but to also measure what was working best, and improve on that part of the business. We started applying the 80/20 rule to many of our projects, and started adding additional ways to get clients better results. And the rest is history, with each new piece of data, we tweaked our approach to internet marketing, striving to make our services the best possible.

The president of Hit Me SEO is Tim Marose. Tim has A.D.D. BAD! He is constantly testing new ideas, launching new websites, writing, linking, tweeting, and whatever else he thinks he can do to help his clients dominate the competition. To many people, he would be considered Manic, very much like the world of SEO or online marketing. Mania is a state of abnormally elevated or irritable mood. Guess what, Tim was abnormally irritable when Google kept switching things up, and he was abnormally elevated when he figured out how to improve each clients rankings. So this is how we came up with the manic side, the metrics side is much easier and quicker.

Ben Douthwaite is the project manager at Manic Metrics, if you have a problem it comes to him first. With major in philosophy from St. John’s College, Ben has spent years learning how to talk to people and figure out what they want. As the main point of contact he provides the order and direction that the office requires when tackling tough projects.