This is the question every attorney asks, and it cannot be answered easily. Every market in the country is different, and every area of law is different. Competition determines what strategies need to be implemented to rank at the top of the search engines. A market like Phoenix, Arizona is super competitive for the phrase DUI lawyer. Google charges more than $250 per click in this market through Adwords. It is much more difficult to rank in Phoenix for this phrase compared to a smaller geographical area. Competition will determine the price along with your existing optimization. After we have completed an extensive research on your competition, area of practice, and geographic location, we will provide a written proposal before beginning any work.
We are a small local agency dedicated to helping attorneys rank higher on Google, and see a greater return on investment. Ben Douthwaite is the dedicated account representative who will handle your account at all times. Ben is the main point of contact for every client we manage. You can call or email Ben from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, and you will receive a response within 24 hours. (Typically, you will usually hear back within the hour.) Tim Marose is the owner of Manic Metrics, and he oversees all aspects of digital marketing for all clients. In the event that Ben is unavailable, Tim can assist you with your account.
This is a question we receive all the time. Just because you are ranking at the top of the search engines for one particular keyword, does not mean you are going to stay there. Google changes their algorithms continuously. What is currently working for you right now may not work next week. We often give the analogy of going to the gym. You can work out nonstop for six months, eat and drink healthy, and focus strictly on your physique. You will obviously see remarkable results. However, if you stop working out, go back to eating junk food and drinking beer, you will slowly fall back into the unhealthy state you were before. It takes continuous effort to get you to the forefront of the search engines, and just as much tenacity to keep you there.

Another important factor that you must understand is that you may rank for one particular keyword, or a number of keywords. We will continuously uncover new phrases and terms relevant to your target market. More than 75% of organic searches are longer than 4 words, so finding new keywords to target will continue to grow your traffic and your conversions.

Since we started in 2010, we have refused to work with two attorneys in the same geographic area. This is one of the key factors that separates us from the larger agencies. If we are focused on helping your practice rank #1 in Google, how can we take on another client in the same area and do the same for them? Large agencies have been selling SEO like this for years, and in our opinion, one practice gets all of the love, and the other is simply waiting on stand-by. If the top paying attorney were to go elsewhere, then that is when their stand-by would get all of the attention. We will ONLY work with one attorney, in a particular locale, for each specific area of law. If we take you on as a client, we will not even entertain the idea of taking on a possible competitor.
Every client is different, but there are advantages of utilizing Pay Per Click with Google. People search the internet is several different ways. There are some people that will only click on organic search results, while others click on the top listings every time, even if they are paid advertisements. If it is within your budget, combining SEO with PPC definitely has an advantageous affect. We also have seen that the traffic from Adwords has a positive impact on organic rankings.
We spend a tremendous amount of time tracking changes in rankings, being active in prominent mastermind SEO groups, and by testing with Google. We attend multiple SEO meetings throughout the country, several times a year, to stay up to date on new changes and future forecasting. We have a very large network of online marketers where we implement tests in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Like everything else, knowledge is power, and we want to learn everything we possibly can to keep our clients ahead of their competition.
One of the very first clients we contracted with when beginning in 2010 was a drunk driving lawyer. Since then, we have worked with attorneys from nearly every practice area. We know what it takes to get people engaged with your website, and we will get your phone ringing. We have performed so much research in each area of law, that we can simply implement much of the keyword research we have done in another market into your online campaign. If it worked in another city, it will work in yours.
In the early days of our company, we offered a guarantee. The only reason we stopped is because one of the big “SEO” blogs stated to run from any online marketing agency that offers a guarantee. We know we are going to get you placed on the front page of Google for multiple keywords and phrases important to your industry. If you want us to put that in writing, just ask and we will be happy to do so.
Every month you will receive a report showing exactly where you rank for all of the keywords in your campaign. For some companies, this report has grown to 500+ keywords. For most, your report will be less than 100 keyword phrases, but you will have access to each report, and you will be able to see the progress we have made from the beginning of our optimization. We set a benchmark at the beginning of each campaign so we know where we started, and where we are going.
We measure success based upon the ROI of your campaigns. We obviously need to rank higher to drive traffic and conversions. We measure all of this information with Google analytics. However, we want your phone ringing with new prospects looking to hire you for the services you provide. We utilize call tracking whenever possible, and closely monitor email, chat, and other forms of online contacts.
You may be referring to Google Maps, also known as Google My Business. Every single attorney we work with can benefit from a well optimized Google My Business campaign. We handle everything from local citations, to uploading photos, tagging each photo, completing descriptions, hours of operation, etc. This is a primary focus at Manic Metrics.
If you are not engaging in SEO you are not taking full advantage of your website. You can have the most beautifully designed and crafted site on the internet, but with no visitors, it isn’t doing you any good. In order for your website to be successful it needs to have visitors that are interested in the services that you offer. That is where SEO comes in, we will help introduce your website to potential clients.
We have specialized in local SEO for 7 years and have thrived through all of Google’s continual algorithm changes. However, we do not let our past experiences guide our future decisions. We are continuously searching, testing, and learning new and improved ways to improve the search results for our clients.
We only offer white hat techniques. While some people offer quick fixes with black hat solutions, they are short lived results at best. Risking any damage to a client’s website is beyond foolish and something that we take very seriously. In our opinion it is always better to go a bit slower and obtain lasting results.
Yes, we do offer website design services for potential clients. We work with a designer that specializes in WordPress. Our goal is to create a site that meets your expectations while ensuring improved website conversions.