Google Reviews are vitally important for DUI lawyers when trying to convert new clients on Google, but not for the reasons that most SEO companies have told you.  Reviews add credibility and trust, and encourage visitors to click through a Google listing and onto the website of the attorney.  If you ask 100 SEO professionals, nearly all of them will tell you that you need more citations than your competition, and more reviews in order to rank on Maps..  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Check out this quick video showing drunk driving attorneys all over the country ranking without reviews.  More importantly, check out how those law firms with the most reviews, don’t always rank at the top of the search engines.

Can You Rank On Google Maps Without Reviews?


Hopefully, you watch the video because you will see how some local criminal justice attorneys rank without a single review.  You will also notice that many others don’t rank with a ton of them.  Here is why reviews matter, and why you should take the time to get your first one, and then, make sure you have a total of at least five.

You Want Your Law Firm To Have The 5 Star Rating

Once you secure your first 5 star rating, you will then start showing with that one review next to your name.  It is important to have the one 5-Star review in order for that to stand out. That is the “visual candy” that I speak about in the video.  When you have the star rating, you start to blend in with all of the others.  If you have a 5 star rating, the potential client isn’t even going to read the review. They just want to see that you are trust worthy.  Once you have established some trust with them, they are more likely to click over to your website, and learn more about you and your practice.

Why You Want to Have At Least Five Reviews On Google

The magic number is five which enables you to adjust your schema and have the star rating next to your organic listings.  I am sure you have seen your competitors with those listings, and it likely irritated you. You may have even thought that they were spending more money on Adwords or Pay-Per-Click which allowed this to happen.  You can publish these reviews into the Schema of your website, and with a small piece of code, you can show on Google just like your competitors.  Just don’t go crazy!  We have seen websites penalized for publishing schema on contact us pages and about us pages that really did not warrant this specific code.

Like what you are seeing so far? We want to educate the DUI lawyer community with quality content designed to help you rank your practice online. You may not understand everything we do, but if you implement the basics, you will start to see your rankings increase, and your phone will start ringing a bit more day after day.