Data Driven Search Engine Optimization for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Many people all over the world need services of a defense attorney focused on criminal law. Usually, individuals want to hire these professionals if they were charged with drunk driving. Many accidents are caused because of the influence of alcohol, so it is no wonder police officers focus on pulling over suspicious drivers and making sure that they are not intoxicated. If a person has blood-alcohol content above the legal limit of .08%, they will face DUI charges. DUI offense carries severe penalties, and that’s why many drivers make a decision to contact counsel. People also hire these attorneys when they are facing financial crimes, such as blackmail, fraud, embezzlement, and more.

SEO Marketing for Criminal Defense LawyersIf you want the individuals who are in need of a criminal defense to find you, your website needs to be visible online. This is essential to the success of your law firm. It is the 21st century, and the internet has an influence on every aspect of our lives. When people want to find something, they will go online and search for it. The same applies to hiring an attorney. Individuals will use the internet to find the right counsel. If you don’t have a website, or potential clients are not able to find it online, it could have a detrimental effect on your success. Most lawyers are cognizant of the importance of the internet to their success, and that’s why they have a web page.

Your website should contain useful content, such as your contact information, location, services you offer, and much more. It should also be interesting and appealing. Another important thing to your page is organization. If people have troubles finding what they want on your page, they will just leave it. If you want to avoid these situations, you should hire one of the top SEO marketing companies for lawyers. These professionals will handle everything related to your online presence, from the appearance and functionality of the website to your online visibility.

You can improve your success and increase the awareness about your company thanks to the best SEO professionals. If you combine your efforts and ideas with the assistance of internet marketing specialists, you will attract many potential clients.

Keyword Research And Link Building

When it comes to formulating your online presence, SEO experts will focus on identifying which words or terms you should rank highly for, and research relevant keywords. After that, they will decide which has top priority. You should help them by writing down all the phrases that you find relevant to your law firm. Think about what your potential clients type into search engines when they need to hire a criminal defender.

Link building involves the links that point to your web page. Search engine algorithms place a lot of value on external links that come from trusted, high-quality websites. It will be crucial to determining trust. The idea of this method is simple – if high-quality, popular sites link to you, search engines assume you are trustworthy as well. If you don’t have links pointing back to your firm from related and relevant sites online, it might be difficult for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to decide whether they can trust you or not. If they don’t trust you, you won’t have a high rank in the search results. Maybe link building sounds complicated to you, but it is not.

One of the techniques that best SEO companies for lawyers use to improve your rank is getting you listed on review websites, for example, Yelp. They will also look for high-quality legal aid directories where you can be linked. Another link building method is to participate in legal forums, as it will build your credibility. Additionally, experts who specialize in SEO advertising for lawyers can find blogs in the legal industry that accept guest posts and write a post that will have a link to the website of your legal firm somewhere in the text.

Website Design And Optimization

The design of your page contributes to its success. If it is easy to navigate through, well-designed and has sensible menus, it will have a higher rank that a confusing website. It also needs to be optimized properly. SEO professionals will incorporate most relevant keywords into your homepage and several other places on your site. Online marketing specialists will add keywords to meta tags, page title, and in the on-page content. However, be careful not to overdo it, as it might be considered spammy by Google. The idea is for the search engines to identify how relevant your website is to the users based on the keywords incorporated.


You must create a balance between the text that Google will use to determine your relevance and the text that users will read. Your page should have interesting content people will look forward to reading. However, it is not important just to have a useful and interesting text; your website should also contain blogs, images, interactive content, and more.