The legal field is a very competitive industry.  How do clients decide what legal representative to choose?  An attractive website can certainly bring on new clients, but how do they find the website?  Lawyers who partner with Manic Metrics are a step above their competition.  Manic solely concentrates on the legal field, using tried and tested search engine optimization efforts such as on-page optimization, maps listings, and  much more. (We don’t want to give away all of our secrets!)  Here are just a few testimonials from some satisfied attorneys:

Our rankings increased immediately after working with Manic Metrics, and they have remained consistent and strong. I have great confidence in their work and love that they are committed to only working with one attorney in each area.

Thomas J, Maryland

The communication and breakdown of data we receive each month has been outstanding. Prior to working with Manic Metrics, our website had very little exposure. We have significantly increased brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Highly Recommend!

Brian V, Florida

Our monthly meetings focusing on Google Analytics data has uncovered opportunities that increased both traffic and conversions. Last month alone, we saw a 41% increase in organic traffic creating the most traffic our website has ever had.

Chris L, Florida

Full names have not been provided to protect the anonymity of our clients.


If you are new to the legal field or have a growing firm, it is time to promote yourself and your credentials.  Internet marketing is the fastest and easiest way to become known.  There are many advantages for a firm outsource to an SEO company and this will be especially advantageous if you, as a business owner who does not have the skills, resources, or time to run your own search engine optimization campaign. There are certain areas within an Internet business, for example, search engine marketing, that can be done in-house, but the requirements of search engine optimization are different. It is different because it is very complex and therefore it should be done by professionals who know how to implement it correctly.  Below is an excerpt by , in an article published on Martindale.

The following is an excerpt from a webinar, titled Top 3 Online Marketing Strategies for New Lawyers aired on 5/24/2016.

For an attorney new to the field, there are a number of challenges you must overcome as you begin your career, especially if you plan on starting a firm of your own. One of the most pressing issues is how to market your services to potential clients. In the past, attorneys could grow their practices organically, often through referrals or word of mouth — something that’s nearly impossible to do in today’s digitally driven world.  [read full article…]

If you are currently not promoting your law firm, how do expect to promote your brand?  Billboards and radio advertising are fine, but today, when someone is driving, they are usually the only one with their eyes on the road. Passengers are generally cruising the internet checking their Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat accounts.  Speaking of which, have you posted to social media recently?  Jonathan Long, from the Huffington Post, has the following to say regarding social media activity:

Social media isn’t going anywhere — it’s the one place that you have all the attention you could ever desire if you know how to capture it. Facebook has 1.39 billion monthly users, of which more than half log in daily.

Facebook’s advanced targeting options allow you to place your ads in front of any custom audience you desire. This allows you to market locally, placing your advertisements in front of people that might be in need of your firm’s services at the present time, or in the future.

I’d suggest running a campaign that advertises your specific services in order to generate leads, as well as a campaign that is designed to build awareness within your local community. Think of something fun and memorable — over time this brand awareness starts to generate referrals. …see complete article

One of the key advantages of outsourcing to an online marketing company, as previously mentioned, is that your current in-house team may not have the ability to handle the complexities of optimization. It is imperative that a successful website business continually changes their strategies. Strategies need to change because of the ever-changing search trends and algorithms. You would not want to have your website penalized because of lack of knowledge or expertise. Therefore, leave SEO issues to the experts.

Another important advantage is that you will save a lot of time and money in the long run. Professional search engine optimizers are people who have acquired their knowledge and skills over a long period of time. If you were to teach all of this information to your staff, it would take a tremendous amount of time and money away from other more important tasks that your team can perform.

If you haven’t started marketing your law firm yet, now is the time to start!  Don’t be left behind in today’s technological age.  Stay ahead of the competition with the help of online marketing for attorneys.