Online Marketing for Business and Civil Law Firms

Did you know that attorneys bid the highest in Google Adwords? Their cost per click in certain cases goes beyond $500. Optimizing your civil law firm website for appearing in the search result pages of major search engines can bring a lot to your business on multiple aspects. Not only you will get more revenue, but you will also attract more prospective clients, open new opportunities for business collaboration and reinforce your reputation on the online market.

SEO for Civil LawyersIIt all starts by getting a little bit more exposure on the Internet. So, if you are a civil lawyer who wants to become more visible and available online, you should start using search engine optimization services for lawyers. In this article, besides emphasizing the importance of using SEO services for your law firm, we will talk about some major features your website needs to have to be well-optimized.

Your Website Must Be Mobile-Friendly

Every day more and more people use their smartphone to search for something online. The share of internet usage is rapidly growing, especially for locally targeted terms or the “near me” term. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you can lose a lot of traffic and a lot of prospective customers. If you aren’t sure your site is mobile-friendly, there are ways to check it. For example, you can use the Google mobile-friendly test tool and see if your legal site will provide a proper user experience on tablets and smartphones. In Google Analytics, you can check what portion of your traffic comes from smartphones and other non-desktop devices. If you aren’t satisfied with your current results, it would be best to hire one of the best SEO companies for lawyers to come to your aid by redesigning your website and making it available for your audience to find you through their mobile devices.

Your Website Mustn’t Be Slow

Check the load speed of your legal website. Make sure it is fast enough to keep your visitors from leaving it. If your site is slow, internet users will quickly lose interest and choose a page that will provide them the information they are looking for in a fast and efficient manner. Have in mind that Google also doesn’t want to frustrate their users, therefore, slow sites don’t stand a chance in showing up high in the search engine results. In order to check the loading speed of your website, you can use GTMetrix. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can lower the size of the files that load on your site. For example, if you have too many videos, take a few of them off. Do you have lots of huge image files? They are the most common reason for slow loads. You should also consider finding a better hosting solution or upgrading your shared hosting account.

Google Map Results Optimization

As you undoubtedly know, when looking for a lawyer online, people will indicate the location they need by typing in their browser the name of the city they live in, or simply by adding the term “near me”. To help their users, Google offers map listings that point out internet users directly to the nearest legal services on the map. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your website and improve your ranking in the Google Map Results. Your ranking can be improved by carefully considering which keywords you want to rank for. The ideal keyword to rank for should be a combination of your location and legal terminologies, such as civil lawyer Maryland or civil litigation attorney MD. The keyword you choose should also have a high search volume, but a low competition rate, and of course, it should match your area of service. Many different keyword tools can help you find the right long tail keyword to optimize your business.

Once you have chosen your local keyword which you want to rank for, you should start implementing it into the content of your website by adding it to your titles, tags, meta description on major pages, and so on. You should also add it to your website footer and address line in the contacts page. Never forget that your business is a physically-grounded service and that many people can choose you before others, simply because of your location. For quality local optimization, whether you are a criminal defense lawyer or a civil attorney, also create listings in top local directories such as Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo! Local Listings and Yelp for Business Owners.

Make Sure Your Website Has Quality Content

Once you have set the main structure right and optimized your keywords, meta descriptions, and headings, you should start optimizing your content. The content of your legal website is the most vital asset you can have when trying to rank on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engines mostly base their ranking on quality and unique content. A common mistake beginners make, is having thin content with just a few lines about the legal services they provide. If the content on your pages is short, not only people won’t understand what are your offering to them, but Google also won’t be able to crawl your website properly and figure out what it is about. This means you will most likely rank pretty low in the search engine results page. Don’t focus your content on being generic, instead, do your best to give answers to questions your audience is looking for. The best tip we can give you is to write well, give valuable information, and share your knowledge with others.

Lastly, you can always hire someone offering SEO for civil lawyers and have them come to your aid by conducting a professional audit of your website and come up with a unique strategy that will meet your needs and successfully optimize your business.