Online Advertising for DUI Law Firms

Many drunk driving attorneys would like to take their company to the next level. You obviously are looking to attract as many clients as possible and be more successful than their main competitors. They are always looking for new ways to keep the phone ringing. If you are a DUI attorney and want to improve your success, as well as to increase the number of clients, you will benefit from searching for best SEO companies for lawyers.

SEO For DUI AttorneysOne of the ways to increase your success is to make sure your website is on the top position in the search results. That way, you will be visible to potential clients, and they will be able to contact you. When a person goes online to search for DUI attorneys, your page will appear. If it is on one of the top positions, people will be interested in your services, and they will take a look at your page. However, if your site is not ranking on the first page of Google or Bing results, most people won’t even be aware of your existence. If they don’t know anything about your company, they won’t contact you. Also, when they need an aggressive drunk driving defense, people find attorneys on the top positions in search results trustworthy and reliable. They naturally assume these legal specialists have the highest ranking for a reason.

Drunk driving specialists struggle with increasing online competition. New websites of legal firms appear on the internet on a regular basis. However, most of them have a low position in the search results. If you want to make sure newly appeared competitors don’t have any influence on the performance and profits of your company, it is crucial to get to the top of search results. Another thing DUI attorneys struggle with is changing consumer shopping behavior. Needs and desires of potential clients are changing on a regular basis. Additionally, attorneys struggle with various technical barriers related to online marketing. If your firm focuses on drunk driving defense, and you are ready to overcome these challenges, you need to get familiar with SEO for lawyers.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and it focuses on configuring various on-site and off-site elements of a web page so that it has an excellent ranking in the search results. Based on that, there is on-page search engine optimization and off-page SEO. Both of them have the purpose of improving your ranking for various keyword terms and phrases. SEO strategies and tactics can be applied to a variety of industries. However, if you want them to be as effective as possible, they need to be tailored to the legal industry. If you contact the professionals at Manic Metrics, you will quickly see that we specialize in SEO advertising for DUI lawyers, and we will customize strategies and methods based upon your needs and business goals.

Legal Marketing Is Different

When it comes to the legal field, marketing strategies and efforts depend on the rules and regulations set by state bar associations. DUI attorneys need to be very careful when they represent their companies online. If you, by any chance, violate some of the advertising guidelines or ethics, you might face stiff penalties. If you would like to avoid something this, it would be a wise idea to contact Manic Metrics, one of the top SEO companies for lawyers. We have worked with law firms in all areas of law including personal injury, patent and copyright law, criminal defense, immigration and much, much more. We are completely focused on digital marketing for legal professionals, and that is all we do.  We use our past experiences and successes to customize a digital media strategy that is results oriented with a focus on showing you a high ROI. 

Buyer Intent Keyword Research

Keyword research is important to the optimization of your website. Before you hire SEO experts to improve the rank of your page, you need to determine and research relevant keywords you would like to the pages of your site rank for. You surely don’t need to be in the top position for some terms that have nothing to do with the legal field. Choose relevant words and terms that are related to DUI, DWI, OWI, aggravated drunk driving, and that have decent search volume. The purpose of this is to find out what internet users type into search engines when they looking to hire an attorney that specializes in driving under the influence defense. Find terms and words related to your practice area and their variations. Choose those with moderate competition and high search volume. Also, determine what words and phrases your competitors are ranking for, and make sure your content is better than theirs.

Of course, you may want to allow us to use our years of experience to work to determine the best keywords for your particular site. More than 70% of searches online are brand new, and not even in Google’s index.  That is hard to believe, but it presents tremendous opportunity for you to rank for longer tail keywords and LSI variations of your targeted list.  LSI stands for latent semantic index, and it is basically how Google sees related words or synonyms on page.  When you structure your content using related phrases and terms, you “theme” the page and help you rank higher for your most profitable keywords. We like to find those keywords that have high “buyer intent”. Simply, we want people who are ready to hire you for your services.

Using Latent Symantec Index On Your Website

When theming the page on your site focused on DUI, we will likely discuss basics like OWI, driving while intoxicated, driving while impaired, arrested for driving while impaired, convictions for inebriated drivers, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offense drunk driving arrests.  These are the basics that most firms are going to put into their content.  But we want to go further and create an overarching theme for a particular page.  We would discuss traffic violations, motorcycle and automobile collisions, criminal justice, underage drinking, Tiger Woods arrest for driving under the influence of prescription drugs, public intoxication, urinating in public, possession of marijuana, plea bargaining, how to get out of a arrest for driving while impaired, homicide, AODA, ignition interlock, supreme court, celebrity arrests, personal injury, injuries related to alcohol induced crashes, case studies, winning court cases, appeals, continuances, etc. Hopefully you see that there are so many different ways to tie in “related” of “LSI” words onto a page, which helps Google understand in so much greater detail what your entire site is about, therefore, ranking you for many more.


Schema helps Google, Bing, and Yahoo figure out what the connection among different pieces of content is. It is an HTML code applied to content so that it is machine-understandable. When it comes to the drunk driving field, it has its own schema that lets Google, Yahoo and Bing know that your content is related to a law firm, or a legal expert. You should apply the schema to the following content on your website: addresses, emails, phone numbers, attorney names, attorney biographies, and reviews. What is so great about schema is that it increases the click-through rates.